Relationships Between Self-Reported Unfair Treatment and Prescription Medication Use, Illicit Drug Use, and Alcohol Dependence Among Filipino Americans

  • Gilbert Gee
  • Jorge Delva UCLA
  • David Takeuchi


Objectives. We examined associations between self-reported unfair treatment and prescription medication use, illicit drug use, and alcohol dependence.
Methods. We used data from the Filipino American Community Epidemiological Survey, a cross-sectional investigation involving 2217 Filipino Americans interviewed in 1998–1999. Multinomial logistic and negative binomial regression analyses were used in assessing associations between unfair treatment and the substance use categories.
Results. Reports of unfair treatment were associated with prescription drug use, illicit drug use, and alcohol dependence after control for age, gender, location of residence, employment status, educational level, ethnic identity level, nativity, language spoken, marital status, and several health conditions.
Conclusions. Unfair treatment may contribute to illness and subsequent use of prescription medications. Furthermore, some individuals may use illicit drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress associated with such treatment. Addressing the antecedents of unfair treatment may be a potential intervention route.


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