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The Impact of Obesity on Adult Mortality: Assessment of Estimates with Applications (PWP-CCPR-2017-006)
Palloni, Alberto ; Beltran-Sanchez, Hiram

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 7)

Fertility and Modernity (PWP-CCPR-2017-005)
Spolaore, Enrico ; Wacziarg, Romain


Ancestry and Development: New Evidence (PWP-CCPR-2017-004)
Spolaore, Enrico ; Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 1)

The Political Economy of Heterogeneity and Conflict (PWP-CCPR-2017-003)
Spolaore, Enrico ; Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 1)

Instrumental Variables and Causal Mechanisms: Unpacking the Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters (PWP-CCPR-2017-002)
Dippel, Christian ; Gold, Robert ; Heblich, Stephan ; Pinto, Rodrigo

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 2)

Loss Aversion and Duration of Residence (PWP-CCPR-2017-001)
Morrison, Philip S. ; Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 4)

The Citizenship Advantage: Immigrant Socioeconomic Attainment across Generations in the Age of Mass Migration (PWP-CCPR-2016-044)
Catron, Peter

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 32)

The Cream of the Crop? Inequality and Migrant Selectivity in Ireland during the Age of Mass Migration (PWP-CCPR-2016-043)
Connor, Dylan

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 38)

The Effects of School Desegregation on Mixed-Race Births (PWP-CCPR-2016-042)
Gordon, Nora ; Reber, Sarah

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 23)

Socio-Demographic and Spatial Patterns of Autism and Vaccine Exemptions (PWP-CCPR-2016-040)
Gromis, Ashley ; Liu, Ka-Yuet

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 19)

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