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Perceived Ethnic Stigma Across the Transition to Adulthood (PWP-CCPR-2010-030)
Huynh, Virginia W. ; Fuligni, Andrew

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 50)

Driving and autonomy during adolescence: An examination of driving, grades, and time use (PWP-CCPR-2010-029)
Witkow, Melissa ; Fuligni, Andrew

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 39)

Ethnic and Generational Differences in the Relations between Social Support and Academic Achievement across the High School Years (PWP-CCPR-2010-028)
Witkow, Melissa ; Fuligni, Andrew

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 45)

Community Choice in Large Cities: Selectivity and Ethnic Sorting Across Neighborhoods (PWP-CCPR-2010-027)
Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 45)

The Urban Hierarchy and Domestic Migration: The Interaction of Internal Migration, Disposable Income and the Cost of Living, Sweden 1993-2002 (PWP-CCPR-2010-026)
Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 42)

Prices, Expectations and the Changing Housing Market: A Commentary and Discussion (PWP-CCPR-2010-025)
Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 43)

Moving for Employment Reasons (PWP-CCPR-2010-024)
Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 46) Published As: Labor Employment and Work (LEW13 Conference Proceedings, pp.326-342) Victoria University Wellington New Zealand

Economic Opportunities and Gender Differences in Human Capital: Experimental Evidence for India (PWP-CCPR-2010-023)
Jensen, Robert

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 45)

A Revealed Preference Approach to Measuring Hunger and Undernutrition (PWP-CCPR-2010-022)
Jensen, Robert

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 33)

Variation in the Relationship Between Education and Marriage: Marriage Market Mismatch? (PWP-CCPR-2010-021)
Musick, Kelly ; Brand, Jennie E. ; Davis, Dwight

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 99) Published As: Journal of Marriage and Family, February 2012, 74(1):53-69.

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