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Globalization and Its (Dis-)Content: Trade Shocks and Voting Behavior (PWP-CCPR-2016-019)
Dippel, Christian ; Gold, Robert ; Heblich, Stephan

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 9)

Agglomeration: A Long-Run Panel Data Approach (PWP-CCPR-2016-018)
Hanlon, W. Walker ; Miscio, Antonio

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 7)

Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in Urban Economies: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War (PWP-CCPR-2016-017)
Hanlon, W. Walker

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 6)

Fertility and Modernity (PWP-CCPR-2016-016)
Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 10)

Long-Term Barriers to Economic Development (PWP-CCPR-2016-015)
Spolaore, Enrico ; Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 7)

Culture, Ethnicity and Diversity (PWP-CCPR-2016-014)
Desmet, Klaus ; Ortuno-Ortin, Ignacio ; Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 6)

Ancestry, Language and Culture (PWP-CCPR-2016-013)
Spolaore, Enrico ; Wacziarg, Romain

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 5)

Drought of Opportunities: Contemporaneous and Long Term Impacts of Rainfall Shocks on Human Capital (PWP-CCPR-2016-012)
Shah, Manisha ; Millet Steinberg, Bryce

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 4)

Risk-Taking Behavior in the Wake of Natural Disasters (PWP-CCPR-2016-011)
Cameron, Lisa ; Shah, Manisha

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 6)

Decriminalizing Indoor Prostitution: Implications for Sexual Violence and Public Health (PWP-CCPR-2016-010)
Cunningham, Scott ; Shah, Manisha

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 7)

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