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The Rents from Trade and Coercive Institutions: Removing the Sugar Coating (PWP-CCPR-2015-010)
Dippel, Christian ; Greig, Avner ; Trefler, Dan

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 13)

Pollution and Mortality in the 19th Century (PWP-CCPR-2015-009)
Hanlon, W. Walker

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 15)

The Effect of Demographic Inertia on Increasing the Percent of Women on University Faculty (PWP-CCPR-2015-008)
Lawrence, Barbara S. ; Chen, Xiao

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 6)

Death and the Media: Asymmetries in Infectious Disease Reporting During the Health Transition (PWP-CCPR-2015-007)
Costa, Dora L. ; Kahn, Matthew E.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 9)

Why do they stay? Loss aversion and Duration of Residence (PWP-CCPR-2015-006)
Clark, William A. V. ; Morrison, Philip S.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 29)

Individual and Household Determinants of Women’s Autonomy: Recent Evidence from Egypt (PWP-CCPR-2015-004)
Samari, Goleen ; Pebley, Anne R.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 17)

The Instability of Omnivorous Cultural Taste Over Time (PWP-CCPR-2015-003)
Rossman, Gabriel ; Peterson, Richard

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 26)

The Shaping of Selection: Secondary Migration and Historic Immigrant Geographies (PWP-CCPR-2015-002)
Goodwin-White, Jamie

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 43)

Is Social Mobility Spatial? Characteristics of Immigrant Metros and Second Generation Outcomes, 1940-70 and 1970- 2000 (PWP-CCPR-2015-001)
Goodwin-White, Jamie

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 40)

Causality in Life Course Studies (PWP-CCPR-2014-018)
Moore, Ravaris ; Brand, Jennie E.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 72)

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