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Long-Term Earnings Losses due to Job Displacement During the 1982 Recession: An Analysis Using Longitudinal Administrative Data from 1974 to 2004 (PWP-CCPR-2013-003)
von Wachter, Till ; Song, Jae ; Manchester, Joyce

Abstract  (Downloads: 2)

The Social and the Sexual: Networks in Contemporary Demographic Research (PWP-CCPR-2013-001)
Kohler, Hans-Peter ; Behrman, Jere R. ; Watkins, Susan

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 40)

Trends in Educational Attainment in China (PWP-CCPR-2012-021)
Treiman, Donald J.

Abstract  (Downloads: 17) Published As: To be published in the Spring 2013 issue (Vol. 46, no. 3) of the Chinese Sociological Review.

Close, But No Cigar: The Bimodal Rewards to Prize-Seeking (PWP-CCPR-2012-019)
Rossman, Gabriel ; Schilke, Oliver

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 42)

Life Course Events and Residential Change: Unpacking Age Effects on the Probability of Moving (PWP-CCPR-2012-018)
Clark, William A. V.

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 32)

Interpreting migration through the prism of reasons for moves: what can we learn about the economic returns to migration from survey data? (PWP-CCPR-2012-017)
Clark, William A. V. ; Maas, Regan

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 26)

The Transition to Adulthood in Cambodia (PWP-CCPR-2012-016)
Heuveline, Patrick ; Demont, Floraine ; Poch, Bunnak

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 37)

Is Social Mobility Spatial? Immigrant Destination Choice and Second Generation Outcomes, 1940-70 and 1970-2000 (PWP-CCPR-2012-015)
Goodwin-White, Jamie

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 75)

Understanding Immigration and Labour Market Shifts in Post-Boom Ireland (PWP-CCPR-2012-014)
Goodwin-White, Jamie

Abstract    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 47)

Cohort Size and The Marriage Market: Explaining Nearly a Century of Changes in U.S. Marriage Rates (PWP-CCPR-2012-013)
Bronson, Mary Ann ; Mazzocco, Maurizio

Abstract (Auxiliary Files)    Paper (pdf)   (Downloads: 28)

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