Auxiliary Files: PWP has the capacity to allow for the inclusion of auxiliary files like datasets, .do files, and so forth to be available for download alongside the PDF of the working paper. If you have an existing working paper for which you would also like to make available auxiliary files, please send an email to with the ID of the working paper, and the files to be made available. Please provide files for distribution only if you have the right to distribute them. This is especially concern if you intend to post data, images, or text that may be copyrighted. If you would like to submit a new working paper, send it in along with the files to upload. For each of the files, you may include a one line description that will be displayed in place of the original filename on the link that site visitors see.
Project Linking: PWP has the capacity to associate sets of working papers with a named project, so that a list of all the papers associated with a particular project but by different authors is accessible via a single link that can be emailed or posted. So for example if you, your collaborators, and your students have a set of papers that come out of a single research project, but have different combinations of authors, they can be grouped to make them accessible via a project web page etc. If you would like to take advantage of this, please email with the name of the project, the names of the collaborators, a brief description, and if relevant the names of the funding sources, and the IDs of the associated working papers.
Stable URLs: You can access a list of all the working papers on which you are a coauthor with a single permanent link that can be emailed or included on a web page. Here, for example, is Cameron Campbell's link You can get your own link by going to the, searching for your name, and then when the page with the search results comes up, clicking on 'Share your search' and copying to the clipboard the URL that appears in the popup box.
Text Author Search: If you begin typing a last name in the drop down list of authors, it will jump to the first name that matches. So, for example, typing 'Tr' in the author search box jumps immediately to "Treiman, Donald". Experiments to make search more convenient are ongoing.
RSS Feed: By clicking on the RSS Icon in the URL bar of you can subscribe to the RSS feed. The feed contains information on new papers added to the PWP.
Most Popular: You can view the papers in order of most downloaded by choosing the sort by drop down and clicking the "Most Popular" option.
Embedding Paper Results in
Personal or Center Website:
You can embed the list of papers from your search results without the CCPR heading into your own web site. To do this, search for the results that you would like displayed on your site. For example, if the site is a center website, you can change the "Working Paper Series" drop down to your center and then click search. Next, click on "Share your Search" and copy the given URL. You can then use this URL in an "a" tag to link to the search, embed the search using the "iframe" tag and many other ways. If you have questions please email
Code examples for embedding
searches to website:
<a href="">Link to Center Papers</a>
<iframe src="" width="100%"></iframe>
"Plain" Results
(No search box, just results):
If you would like to see your results as one list without the search box or heading, you can complete your search and then click on "Share your Search" and add to the end of that URL "&format=plain". This can be used as a link or put into an iframe tag on your site.
Example of "Plain"
Results iframe to embed:
<iframe src="" width="100%"></iframe>
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